Forging the Future of Fitness

Tuesday 8.27.13

Tuesday August 27th


Focus/Skill – Squat Stance and Hips & Hollow Rock

Warm Up – Ring Jumps, Balancing on the mini half domes & 10 Hollow Rocks

W.O.D. – 4 minute AMRAP: 5 squats 2 front rolls

Game:  Duck, Duck, Goose!


Warm Up – 3 rounds: Agility run with blue rings, 1/2 dome balancing and 10 Hollow Rocks

Focus/Skill – Squats,  jump rope & Burpees

W.O.D. – 7 Minute AMRAP: 2 forward rolls, 10 squats, 50 m run

Game – Duck, Duck, Goose with a Burpee Twist!

Trainer Tip of the day:  Remember to drink plenty of water!  6-8 cups a day will keep  you hydrated and feeling great!

sweet potato fries

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