Forging the Future of Fitness


Thursday, September 26th


Turbo Tots

Focus/Skill – Squats & front squats

Warm up – Wall Balls and Sit- ups

W.O.D. –  3 minute AMRAP: 3 Supermans, 3 Hollow Rocks, 10 Jumping Jacks, 5 Squats

Game – Dodgeball

Mighty Mites

Warm Up – 3 Rounds: 5 Pull-Ups, Soldier Kicks

Focus/Skill – Squats & Front Squats

W.O.D. – 10 Min AMRAP – 10 Supermans, 10 Hollow Rocks, 20 Jumping Jacks, 5 Squats, 5 Front Squats

Game – Dodgeball

Cucumber sandwiches. Who needs bread or crackers?  -just need nitrate free lunch meat or bacon.

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