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Turbo Tots

Focus/Skill – Squats & Overhead Squats

Warm Up – 2 Rounds 10 Burpees 10 Sit Ups

WOD – Tabata Air Squat  &  Tabata Abs

Game – Musical Medicine Ball – lunge walk, hop, walk backwards, brisk walk forward

Mighty Mites

Warm Up – 3 Rounds 10 Burpees Sprint between cones twice

Focus/Skill – Squat, Overhead Squats, Rope Climbs

WOD – Mini Tabata This:  Tabata Air Squats & rest 1 min. Tabata Pull Ups & rest 1 min,  Tabata Plank

Game – Musical Medicine Ball –  lunge walk, hop, walk backwards, brisk walk forward

Top Dawgs

Warm Up –  4 Rounds for time: 7 Burpees, Run 100m

Focus/Skill – Clean & Jerk

WOD – “Tabata This” Tabata Air Squats, rest 1 min; Tabata Pull Ups, Rest 1 Min, Tabata Push Ups, Rest 1 Min, Tabata Sit Ups


Bacon & Guacamole SammiesDon’t these bacon and guacamole sammies look good? Fitbomb noshed on them while I slept…The ingredients:4 strips of thick-cut pastured baconGuacamoleIt’s ridiculously easy to cook bacon in the microwave oven. (Clean-up is simple, too.) Just wrap a few slices between some sheets of paper towel, stick it all on a microwave-safe plate, and nuke away. I set my microwave at 70% power and zapped the bacon for about two-and-a-half minutes. If you find that your bacon’s not yet crisp, just nuke it a bit longer.  The filling for these “sandwiches”? Chunky homemade guacamole.  If you’re pressed for time, simply mash up the flesh of half an avocado, and cut up the other half into half-inch cubes. Then mix both halves together in a bowl to get a nice blend of chunky ‘n creamy. Flavor it with a squirt or two of lime juice and a generous pinch of Kosher salt.Done and done!



Turbo Tots

Focus/Skill – Squat & Front Squat

Warm Up – Supemans & Hollow Rocks

WOD – 2 Rounds: lunges, burpees & sprints

Game – Dodgeball

Mighty Mites

Warm Up – 3 Sets: 10 Supermans, 10 Hollow Rocks

Focus/Skill – Squats & Front Squats

WOD – 7 Min AMRAP 10 lunges, 10 burpees, 10 sit ups, 10 Ring Pulls

Game – Dodgeball

Top Dawgs

Stretch – 5 Minutes

Run 800 Meters

Focus/Skill – Clean & Jerk and Squats

WOD – teams of 2

500 Meter Row Each

20 shoulder press, 30 front squat, 40 wall ball, 50 Sit Ups

400 Meter Farmer Carry Each

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” 
― Dr. Seuss