Forging the Future of Fitness

What is CrossFit Teens?

CrossFit San Ramon Teens Mission Statement

Develop superior athleticism and work ethic in teens that can be applied to any sport.                   Instill athletes with exceptional movement quality.                                                                                Educate athletes on training and maintaining their bodies.

About the Program

Proper development of an athlete requires a focus on mechanics, technique, timing and a variety of physical capacities.  A thorough understanding and application of proper mechanics is the basis our training program, helping teens maximize the efficiency of their training and reduce their risk of injury while training for and engaging in their sport of choice.

At CrossFit San Ramon teens will engage in group workouts. Each individual will train at their own level within the group. This makes this class appropriate for elite athletes, emerging athletes, athletes recovering from a setback and those just working to improve some aspect of health and fitness. Our format ensures that each athlete is able to train at their own maximum intensity not getting held back by others in the class.

Teens will run, jump, climb, lift, throw, row, carry, push,  pull and do calisthenics and basic gymnastics while utilizing various equipment to develop superior fitness and movement skills.

Each member is viewed as a member of the team and as such all teens will be expected to show respect for others in the class at all times.

Team Training

Ask about private training for sports teams.  Private classes geared towards your specific sport are made by appointment.  We will train your athletes at our facility or yours.

We are currently providing a strength and conditioning program for Crispim BJJ.  Two athletes from the Sharks Swim Team qualified for the last Olympic Trials while following our program.  Unlock your potential,  join CrossFit San Ramon today!

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