Forging the Future of Fitness



Turbo Tots

Focus/Skill – Squat & Push Press

Warm Up – Crab Walk, Inch Worms

WOD – 10 Walking Lunges, 10 Push Ups

Game –  Musical Medicine Ball

Mighty Mites

Warm Up – Crab Walk, Inch Worm, Soldier Kicks, Bear Crawls

Focus/Skill – Squat & Push Press

WOD – 10 Min AMRAP – 10 Walking lunges, 10 Push Ups

Game – Musical Medicine Ball

Top Dawgs

Warm Up – Run 400 Meters, Crab Walk, Inch Worm, Bear Crawls, Soldier Kicks

Focus/Skill – Squat, Push Press, Lunges

WOD – 14 Min AMRAP 20 walking lunges, 10 hand release push ups

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